Dr. Beth Kaplan

Belonging at Work & Lead with Belonging

Belonging at Work

Do you want to create a culture of belonging in your workplace and boost your company’s performance? If so, you’re not alone. Belonging is a top priority for 93% of leaders, but only 13% know how to achieve it.

You might wonder: How can I foster a sense of belonging and improve well-being and productivity to impact the bottom line?

That’s where Dr. Beth Kaplan comes in. She is an expert in belonging, work trauma, and leadership development. With over twenty years of experience and a doctoral degree in this field, Beth uses her research and rich storytelling to help hundreds of people like you create a culture of belonging in their organizations where everyone feels valued, respected, and connected. Your attendees walk away understanding they are vital to creating a culture of belonging and how it will impact employee well-being and ultimately benefit the bottom line.

Key Takeaways:

  • The steps to create a culture of belonging and thriving
  • The interactive nature of belonging in the workplace
  • The link between belonging and well-being
  • Creating belonging moments and experiences in the workplace

Innovative | Inspiring | Practical

Lead With Belonging

Great leaders want to build a culture of belonging that enhances the company’s bottom line. Research shows 93% of leaders prioritize belonging, but only 13% achieve it.

Imagine a workplace where everyone feels valued, connected, and motivated. A workplace where everyone can thrive and grow. Belonging is a human need and a critical factor for success.

Research shows that belonging leads to higher productivity, engagement, and retention.

In this dynamic and interactive keynote, Dr. Beth Kaplan will share what her research has uncovered, revealing how you become a leader who inspires others to thrive and grow. She will share the skills required to be intentional because belonging doesn’t happen by chance. Dr. Kaplan is a leading belonging, work trauma, and leadership development expert. She has spent over twenty years studying and in practice to help leaders create a sense of belonging in their teams and organizations. Your leaders will leave with the tools to transform their workplace into one where everyone feels they belong.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to build a culture of belonging and thriving in your workplace
  • How to lead by example and empower your team to feel valued and connected
  • How to use stories to connect with others and foster a culture of belonging
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