Dr. Beth Kaplan

Hi, I'm Beth, a recovering people pleaser and belonging champion, on a mission to help us all embrace our true selves and cultivate a world where everyone feels they belong. Let's journey together.

I’m a researcher and storyteller who loves exploring the topic of belonging. I’m fascinated by how belonging affects our work lives and how we can create more inclusive and supportive workplaces. I’m also interested in how workplace trauma impacts our well-being and our future of work.

I have 15 years of experience in learning & leadership strategy, and I enjoy helping companies improve their retention and culture. I’m currently the global head of leader development and enablement at Dassault Systemes, where I design and deliver innovative programs for leaders at all levels. Before that, I started leader development at Salesforce and became a recognized expert in this field.

I have an MSE.d and ED.D in Learning and Leadership Strategy from The University of Pennsylvania, where I conducted research on belonging and workplace trauma. I’m always eager to learn more and share my insights with others. I live in Pennsylvania with my husband Steve and our 2 boys, who keep me busy and happy.


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