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Understand, measure, and foster belonging to ensure your employees thrive.

Why is Belonging Important?

According to McKinsey’s 2022 Attrition study, 51% of employees left their jobs because they lacked a sense of belonging. The impact of belonging on an individual’s propensity to thrive™ is undeniable. Beyond that, it has been incredibly difficult to understand how belonging has contributed to employees’ propensity to leave™ and their propensity to thrive™….UNTIL NOW.

The Science Behind Our Solution

Dr. Beth Kaplan, through her groundbreaking research on belonging, has unveiled a systematic approach to measure this crucial element in workplaces. Teaming up with Dr. Ryan Baker from the University of Pennsylvania, we present a robust model to gauge the health of belonging in your organization.

What Our Model Offers

  • Belonging survey tailored for employees.
  • Transform survey results into a belonging score ™ and predictive model for actionable insights.
  • Seamless integration with your existing data sources for enhanced performance predictions.
  • Set of metrics for ongoing measurement and tracking.

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